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Mortgage Foreclosure – Hiring an Experienced Trial Attorney is Important

Mortgage Foreclosure

Mortgage Foreclosure requires an experienced attorney | Michele Belmont in Fort MyersHiring an experienced trial attorney is important. When you are interviewing attorneys to handle your case, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You need an attorney that is experienced in the field, and well versed in the specific area of law, and also the rules of Evidence. Often, a case is won because one attorney is simply more prepared, or has a better knowledge of the Rules of Evidence and the Law than her opponent. With such knowledge, a good attorney is able to keep out key evidence that the opponent relies upon to win. In the case below, the Bank’s attorney attempted to introduce the testimony of a Witness. The Witness’ ability to testify relied upon a Power of Attorney, which gave the witness the authority to testify on the Plaintiff’s behalf.

Read below as Attorney Belmont successfully keeps the Power of Attorney out of Evidence, and as a result, the Bank’s witness was not permitted to testify. It was a win for the homeowner, all because of proper trial preparation, and years of trial experience.